DMI Board of Directors

Sara Pletcher - President

Peggy Reilly– Vice President

Bob Starkey – Treasurer

Pat Sparks – Secretary

Matt Babbit

Paige Evers

Walter Hepford

David Pickrell

Lang Redden

Sher Valenzuela

Tod Van Eyken

Committee Chairs


Millie Pederson - Chairperson

Economic Restructuring

Walter Hepford - Chairperson


SaraKate Hammer - Chairperson


Pat Sparks - Chairperson


Executive Director

Murrie Zlotziver

** Board Meetings are held every 1st Thursday of the month in City of Milford City Council Chambers at 7 pm. All DMI meetings are open to the public.

Downtown Milford Vision 2016

(Updated 2012)
The future of downtown Milford, Delaware, is intricately tied to its past. The preservation of its many historic buildings, its rich history as a shipbuilding and regional commercial center, its museums and art galleries, its businesses and theaters, its parks and the Riverwalk will link "what has been" to "what will be." CULTURAL: The Mispillion River and the Riverwalk will be the centerpieces of Downtown Milford. Downtown business can expect increased activities to preserve the authentic historic character of the buildings, with particular attention to preservation and enhancement of facades and historic structures. Green spaces, brick sidewalks, Victorian lampposts, and landscaping will provide a welcoming venue that plays host to the weekly farmers' market, periodic festivals, outdoor music events, shopping, and dining. Shoppers will choose from a wide variety of specialty shops including antiques, arts and crafts, cycling, custom-made wood products, eco-friendly products, ladybug products, and others. Additionally, there will be an array of free, family-friendly summer outdoor activities, including hiking and biking near the river, parades, boating, and live entertainment. Creative, seasonal, and long established events and activities will continue to provide value to downtown merchants, while enhancing the role of downtown as the "heart of the community." CIVIC: Along with ongoing improvement of the economic, historic, cultural and physical landscape of the downtown, an increase in volunteer participation with a strong effort to engage people of all ages and ethnicities in downtown activities will be apparent. Volunteers will be adept and recognized. There will be improved signage to additional parking, boating, and biking opportunities. The downtown will become a destination through organized tours such as an eco tour, house tours, art and holiday strolls, and the Delaware-designated History Trail as provided locally and in conjunction with government agencies. Extended sidewalks and minimized commercial truck traffic on downtown streets will improve safety and comfort for pedestrians and bicyclists. Amenities such as free wifi and strategically placed bike racks will add to the convenience and marketability of downtown, while unseen utility lines add to the aesthetics of downtown. A variety of energy and environmental tools will be essential as the town benefits from public recycling, conservation, education and application of green energy. COMMERCIAL: In addition to expanding retail shops and services, increasing the number of downtown residences will be encouraged. Economic development activity will have a more prominent role in the downtown as business recruitment and vacancy reeducation strategies are a priority. Business and property owners will be fully engaged in the events and activities of the downtown. Business owners that are simultaneously owners of the buildings in which they are located will be recognized. The role of Downtown Milford, Inc., a designated Delaware Main Street program, in the on-going business and cultural development will be evident. The program will bring governmental resources, expanded community partnerships, continued philosophical and financial "buy-in" from the City of Milford, and strong support from residents. It will serve as a facilitator to the community and numerous civic organizations to help improve all phases of downtown revitalization and growth, including proactive business development, coordinating downtown activities, expanding services, and offering a peaceful, attractive, diverse, and active place to enjoy.