Help us bring bike racks to Downtown Milford!

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Bike Racks for everyone!

Who:  Downtown Milford Inc. in collaboration with the City of Milford's Department of Parks & Recreation & Lifecycle.

What:  These partners will buy and install branded bicycle racks that are designed with input from local artists in strategic locations throughout the City of Milford.

Each bicycle rack will have a unique artistic design to help us maintain our super cool reputation as

"River Town. Art Town. Home Town."

When:  We will choose the artistic designs for each bicycle rack by January 1, 2018, order and install the bicycle racks by March 31, 2018. The unveiling of the bicycle racks to the public will include a brief ceremony and bicycle ride with stops at each bicycle rack locations on March 31, 2018.

Where:  Rack locations will be in the downtown shopping area, along the Mispillion River Walk & Goat Island Nature Park.

Why:  This project will continue to strengthen Downtown Milford Inc.'s relationship with the City of Milford's Department of Parks and Recreation and extend partnerships with Milford's artistic community which will assist in determining the appropriate design for the bicycle racks. In addition, the nature of the project will reach out to Milford's cycling community, clubs and individuals through the socially active cycling business Lifecycle. It will also encourage the general public and families to explore Milford's downtown and natural assets on their bicycles creating a feeling of cohesiveness within the community between businesses, pedestrians and cyclists. The project will become a unifier, a visual reminder of Milford's identity as both a progressive city yet true to its heritage.

Let's Bike!