Four-Point Approach™


Takes advantage of visual opportunities inherent in the town’s commercial core of public and private buildings, spaces, store fronts. Signs, landscaping, merchandising, promotional materials, and overall Streetscape.  The goal is to stress the importance of design quality in all of these areas and to oversee and expedite quality improvements.


Takes many forms, but the aim is to create a positive image of the downtown in order to rekindle community pride in the commercial area.  Promotion seeks to improve retail sales through events and festivals and to create a positive public image of the commercial area in order to attract customers, investors, developers, and businesses.

Economic Restructuring

Strengthens the town’s existing economic assets while diversifying its economic base.  It is accomplished by retaining and expanding existing businesses to provide a balanced mix of commercial entities, by converting underutilized or unused space into productive property, and by sharpening merchandising skills of downtown business people.


Establishes cooperation and consensus by building partnerships among the various groups that have a stake in the commercial district.  This allows the revitalization program to provide effective management and advocacy of the downtown.  DMI partners are diverse groups from public and private sectors and include local and regional governments, financial institutions, chambers of commerce, merchants and organizations, property owners, and community leaders. To learn more about specific projects associated with these committees or to volunteer your time, please contact the Downtown Milford, Inc. office.