Our Future is Developing…

The City of Milford is dedicated to promoting its image as a desirable and economically stable community.

Milford recognizes that maintaining the appearance and functionality of the existing developed properties is an important aspect of the city.

Redevelopment of under-utilized properties will continue to be promoted by the City’s Planning Department through partnerships with non-profit organizations and private investors making the area more attractive to consumers.

City events designed to attract people to the downtown area and promote its businesses. Hundreds of people are attracted to the downtown area for the Annual Pub Crawl, Santa House, Holiday Stroll, Riverwalk Farmers Market, Shop Small Saturday, Third Thursday, Milford in Bloom, and Community Parades. And the Bug and Bug Festival, Ladybug Festival, and Freedom Festival have attracted 2,500-10,000 visitors to downtown.

With approved and planned development, Milford expects significant growth and development for the next decade and with the growth and development Milford’s population is expected to increase from 9,559 to between 10,995 and 13,573 by 2020.


  • A significant portion of anticipated and approved growth is set for townhomes and multi-family development. Milford appears to have weathered the housing downturn better than most, and permitting activity from 2010 on has held steady for single-family units and is beginning to show growth in other types.

  • There is significant growth potential in Milford’s housing pipeline. As of late 2016, 5786 units are approved, awaiting construction.  Of that number, 2,770 are multi-family, 1,596 single-family detached, 1,274 single-family attached, and 146 are approved duplexes.

  • Today, the textbook boomer is nearly 60 and the large suburban home is often not this group’s first choice given many cost considerations. Likewise, the millennial generation, which now outnumbers boomers, has yet to demonstrate the commitment for large suburban homes.  Fortunately, the City of Milford appears to be very well positioned to accommodate these potential trends.  Milford’s zoning and subdivision regulations allow for a mix of housing types as well as communities and developments that blend a mixture of uses.

  • Milford is a participating jurisdiction in the “Live Near Your Work” program spearheaded by the Delaware State Housing Authority.

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space

  • The City recognizes that public open space and recreational activities are an integral part in the development of the City and so are committed to providing high quality public open space facilities and services.

  • The City’s Riverwalk is a key asset in its plans for future recreational offerings and the promotion of additional events and activities. In support of this, the City plans to enhance the Riverwalk with an additional kayak launch on the northern banks of the River along with overlooks and a pavilion on the City’s Goat Island.


  • Using its published Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, the City has actively planned for improved bicycle and pedestrian connections and facilities prioritizing connectivity to the town center from population centers.

  • For public parking spaces see the “Milford Shop|Dine|Enjoy brochure included with this packet.