River Town.

We are a community born of the river.  It is the mill at the crossing of the Mispillion that formed our name.   This river was home to two centuries of shipbuilding that made us a center of maritime industry.  This river remains our link to the vital waters of this great peninsula.
Though the nature of the river has changed, it is no less important to our lives.  It bisects our downtown, makes us the heart of two counties, and is the centerpiece of a rebirth centered on recreation, the arts, and community.

Art Town.

Our downtown is the heart of our creative transformation.  Our galleries, shops, and performance spaces are gathering places for people from all walks of life.  Our events allow us to celebrate the place we call home.

Home Town.

We remain a center of commerce for a rural community, an escape from the pressures of urban life, and a community centered on family.  We are the kind of place where a children’s class inspires leaders, a landscape inspires artists, and a history inspires vision.
We are Milford, Delaware- River town, Art Town, Home Town.

Downtown Events

We are activating Downtown Milford with great events for families and friends! From Bug & Bud to Ladybug, we are bringing downtown to life!

Bringing Color Downtown

Our design committee keeps downtown looking great, whether being stewards of our downtown's long-term vision, or painting the town with color with our volunteer drive Milford in Bloom program.

Cultivating New Business

We are the experts of downtown. We know where to go, and who to talk to to get things moving. If you want to start a business or invest in Downtown Milford,  come see us first!

Supporting Downtown

DMI is your way to show your support of the place you call home. Come get involved in the organization, and help shape the future of the flavor and life of our downtown.

Join Us in Making Downtown Milford Home